Q: Why start this cruise 2 days after Thanksgiving?

A: Isn’t that Saturday the quietest on your schedule every year?  Plus it doesn’t overlap with any other weekend gig dates.
A: To get the best rate for everyone to attend – $100 less than equivalent cruises on other dates.
A: Because the sponsors liked it.

Q: I thought I saw a different itinerary previously promoted and surveyed

A: We were previously scheduled for earlier in November, but had to move it when another theme cruise bought out the full ship.  While we hope to be large like that one eventually, it’s going to take a couple years.

Q: Is this a tax writeoff for my business?

A: Check with your accountant but as long as there is educational content on the event of significance, our accountant here in Iowa tell us it is just like attending Mobile Beat Las Vegas.

Q: I’ve seen other cruises that are like this that cost twice to three times as much…why so cheap?

A: Because we are doing it for fun honestly.  We are taking no markup on the cruise price, and just getting a couple free cabins for doing it.

Q: Do I need a passport for this trip.

A: For cruises that begin and/or end in a U.S port, the following WHTI-Compliant Documents are acceptable for cruise travel. These standard forms of documentation will enable the Department of Homeland Security to quickly and reliably identify a traveler. 

U.S. Passport | Passport Card | State Enhanced Driver’s License | Certificate of U.S. Naturalization | Native American Indians | Unacceptable forms of documentation

Q: What other things happen on the cruise, or is it just the DJ stuff listed on your “Experience” page.

A: Not by a longshot.  Remember this is a Carnival Cruise ship that has all the activities that they have for the other 2000ish people on the ship.  So in addition to anything that the Mobile Beat/PBX group has planned, there is all the shows, comedians, deck events, buffets, tours, excursions, etc.

Tons more Carnival questions are answered at https://help.carnival.com

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