Chad and Franchesca Hobart

I Started DJing in the late 80s while still in High-School – Following in my older brother’s footsteps as a New Wave trendsetter. In 1990, I sold my Peavey Cabinets and Sound-craftsman Amplifier and went to college – Picked up my MBA from the University of Redlands – worked in sales for 15 years

in 2005, a close friend opened restaurant in our area and wanted to hire me as his Karaoke Host and DJ. He and I agreed to Split the cost of a couple “Sound Choice Bricks” and a B52 Matrix 2000 sound system. We hosted karaoke twice weekly and I got to DJ there every Friday and Saturday – got my “chops” back.

In 2008, the Bartender, Kellie asked my wife and I to DJ her wedding – it was our first wedding – and still to date – the biggest wedding we have ever performed! (275 guests)
We fell in love with the “Happiness” of the wedding vs the “fights and dumb drunkenness” of the Bar clientele.

In 2009 – the Bar closed its doors – my wife and I bought out the DJ gear from the owner. While working full-time in sales, the economy crashed and, since I was a horrible salesman, I was laid off from my job with a city transit bus rehabilitation company.

We decided then, to become a Full-Time DJ company. We struggled to grow – invested in our company – we lost our home to foreclosure – But we stayed focussed on building our business.

We networked, joined associations, attended the Las Vegas DJ shows and Mobile Beat conferences – We continued to Educate ourselves – We did – and still do believe that this was the best money we could have spent to better ourselves! Additionally, my wife immersed herself in website design and SEO and built us on online reputation that slowly allowed us to rise to the top of our area Google searches.

We started small – and kept that goal – as we performed all of our DJ gigs out of a 1992 Honda Accord. With the help of a great fellow DJ friend/competitor, we stepped up to a pair of JBL EONs 515s – and ultimately changed up to QSC K10s and K-sub setup. Colorado Sound and Lighting allowed us to get into the Photo booth business and build a wireless uplighting design while staying small and compact

We Built our business on a DJ/Coordinator Combo – Husband and Wife Team – Teams were a new concept that were being and accepted and enticing to couples. Videographers and photographers experienced that same trends – Teams were the thing – and still are – People wanted package deals – the industry was still basing prices on hours!!!

Today, we now have 4 total DJs, myself, my wife, a part-time DJ, Dustin, who was originally one of our first Grooms – and Russell, a club DJ from New Zealand working in the US on a green card for the 2017 and 2018 calendar year as we continue to grow!

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