The Experience

Day 0 – Saturday – November 3rd, 2018

What a town to hang in before the cruise….New Orleans Baby!

No pre-cruise event planned because alot of you will be working events that night.  BUT we will look into organizing such once we get closer.  New Orleans is full of fun things to do….stay tuned!

Day 1 – Sunday – November 4th, 2018

Leaving New Orleans

  • 4pm Leave New Orleans
  • Social event for all of us the first night.
  • Cruise primer by your Mobile Beat Cruise Crew on how to get the most out of this event.
  • Why Are You Here Networking Event!

Day 2 – Monday- November 5th, 2018

Educational Sessions

At Sea

  • Educational Seminars Morning and Early Afternoon
  • Networking at Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Show and More!

Day 3 – Tuesday – November 6th, 2018

Costa Maya – Arrive 12:00pm – Depart 8:00pm

Cruise to Costa Maya for an irresistible blend of serene beaches, action-packed activities and the best flavors south of the border. Mexico’s vivid Caribbean coast will appear just beyond the dock when your Carnival cruise visits Costa Maya. Silver dolphins, bright yellow angelfish, turquoise waves, ivory sand — these are just some selections from Costa Maya’s palette that you can expect to see on your Carnival Costa Maya adventure. Inland from the port are more brilliant hues, from the otherworldly shades of blue at the Lake of Seven Colors to the white stone pyramids of the ancient Maya.

Costa Maya

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Day 4 – Wednesday – November 7th, 2018

Mahogany Bay – Arrive 8:00am – Depart 6:00pm

In-the-know cruisers love Roatán, Honduras, for its lush, untouched beauty, its wildlife and marine life. Ships visiting Roatán dock at Mahogany Bay, where cruisers can ride the famous “Magical Flying Beach Chair” to reach Mahogany Beach. That’s just one of the many ways to enjoy this beautiful Caribbean outpost.

Mahogany Bay

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Day 5 – Thursday – November 8th, 2018

Belize – Arrive 8:00am – Depart 6:00pm

A tropical paradise that promises adventure, both onshore and off? You better Belize it! Crystalline rivers flow through impressive lowland jungles, home to wildlife of various stripes. (And various spots.) Silky-sand beaches, waving palms and colorful coral gardens are just part of Belize’s natural wonders. And they’re all yours to explore when you take a cruise to Belize, where surprises await around every corner, including underwater. Whether mountain biking through a lush rainforest or snorkeling with the marine life, you’ll experience things you can only imagine… that is, if you haven’t tried a Belize vacation yet.


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Day 6 – Friday – November 9th, 2018

Cozumel – Arrive 7:00am – Depart 5:00pm

Cozumel is proof that Mexico can do ‘island flavor’ with the best of the Caribbean. It may not be the biggest island in the sea, but Cozumel offers a huge variety of things to do, see, taste and explore. This island just happens to be perched atop a coral reef, which promises hours of snorkeling or scuba diving fun. Cruises to Cozumel dock at the island’s heart — just minutes from San Miguel’s seafront shops and the white sand beach at Chankanaab National Park. Drift among star corals and sea fans on a Cozumel diving excursion or simply kick back on the beach beneath your own palm palapa as the turquoise waves roll in. With non-stop zip line action, ancient discoveries at the nearby Mayan ruins, or time spent with your toes in the sand, a cruise to Cozumel may just top your best vacations list… before you even get home.

  • Will be working on an event in Cozumel for us all to get together around 2pm.


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Day 7 – Saturday – November 10th, 2018

  • Fun Day at Sea

    Hanging Out With “Leaders of our Industry” at the End of Cruise Party

  • Educational Seminars Morning For Mobile Beat Cruisers!
  • Workshop Afternoon For Mobile Beat Cruisers!
  • Our LEGENDARY End of Cruise Party

End of Cruise Party

Day 8 – Sunday – November 11th, 2017

Back to New Orleans – Arrive 8:00am

  • And then back to the real world and our event companies!
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