The Experience

Day 1 – Tuesday – July 7th, 2020

Leaving Seattle

  • 4pm Leave Seattle
  • Social event for all of us the first night.
  • Cruise primer by your Mobile Beat Cruise Crew on how to get the most out of this event.
  • Why Are You Here Networking Event!

Day 2 – Wednesday -July 8th, 2020

Educational Sessions

At Sea

  • Educational Seminars Morning and Early Afternoon
  • Networking at Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Show and More!

Day 3 – Thursday – July 9th, 2020 – Tracy Arm Fjord

What the heck is a Fjord!

Hi. You can stay right where you are because I’m not a port. I am a fjord, a narrow sea passage between two incredibly huge glaciers. Sit back and cruise through my icy sculptures and past my sparkling waterfalls. Let my fresh, crisp air clear your mind and free your soul. You’ll be wondering, “Why the fjord didn’t I do this sooner?”



Day 4 – Friday – July 10th, 2020

Skagway – Arrive 7:00am – Depart 8:00pm

Hi, I’m Skagway. Some call me Mr. History ‘cuz I’m full of past wonders. Others say I have trouble moving on. Regardless, my past was a blast, and I love reliving the good ol’ days! Walk in the footsteps of my pioneers. See the remains of their old saloons and relive the final chapter of the Wild West days. You up for a good ol’ fashioned hootenanny? Yee-haw! Stroll along my boulevards and I’ll bring you back to the 1890s — the Klondike Gold Rush days. Come! See what it was like to risk everything and go for the gold — literally. All aboard! Sip a glass of champagne, take a ride on my train and see what life was like back in the day. Brings a tear to my eye, just thinkin’ about you followin’ in my footsteps… or tracks.


Day 5 – Saturday – July 11th, 2020

Juneau – Arrive 7:00am – Depart 3:00pm

Hi, I’m Juneau. Some say I’m their “one and only ” — makes sense to me. I’m gorgeous and love adventure: whale-watching, gold mining, kayaking. But am I the one for you? ake this quiz to find out. Between my breathtaking glaciers, hypnotizing ice-capped mountains, and the awesome wildlife that lives with me, I’ll make your jaw hit the floor. (Just making sure you’re prepared.) You’re probably used to cars and trucks. That’s fine. But I prefer dogs and sleds.  Just hitch up and fly through. Take in all my lily-white awesomeness. More of a cat person? Good luck. I’ll take you whale-spotting and hiking through lush rainforests.
You ok with that? Of course, you are. If I’ve already got you saying “yes” to everything, I’m the one for you.


Day 6 – Sunday – July 12th, 2020

Ketchikan – Arrive 7:00am – Depart 1:00pm

Hi, I’m Ketchikan. If you love the outdoors… prepare to become obsessed. Forests for exploring, creeks for fishing and mountains for climbing. I’m definitely the outdoorsy type. Zip-lining, airplaning, boating, glacier trekking, kayaking — can you do any of those beautifully awesome things in the great indoors? Nope! I mean you could try but… don’t. You’re more the “artsy” type? Funny, me too! Check out my flourishing outdoor art scene. And don’t miss my totem poles! They’ve made me pretty popular in these parts. Forget perfume — there’s pine all around! Trips to the furniture store will always take you back to our adrenaline-packed outdoor escapades.


Day 7 – Monday – July 13th, 2020

Victoria – Arrive 7:30pm – Depart 11:59pm

Hi, I’m Victoria. I’m fronted by water, filled with gardens and packed with British heritage. In my presence, you may not feel worthy… but back home, you can boast that you vacationed with royalty! Explore my genteel life. Snap some photos. Peruse my world-class museum, scenic parks… and of course, always be on-time for tea-time. I don’t just have a castle — I have Craigdarroch Castle. Does it inspire happily ever after? Well, if it looks like a fairytale, and acts like a fairytale… just sayin’.  Manicured gardens. Stunning castles. Royal heritage. I know, you feel humbled. It’s okay, take a knee. Think of me as “Your Majesty.” Actually, “Your Favorite Port” works, too.


  • Fun Day Mostly at Sea

    Hanging Out With “Leaders of our Industry” at the End of Cruise Party

  • Educational Seminars Morning For Mobile Beat Cruisers!
  • Workshop Afternoon For Mobile Beat Cruisers!
  • Our LEGENDARY End of Cruise Party

End of Cruise Party

Day 8 – Tuesday – July 9th, 2020

Back to Seattle – Arrive 8:00am

  • And then back to the real world and our event companies!
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